Windowsill Stone Coating

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The weather can leave the exterior of your home looking old, tired and pretty unslighty.

Windowsill Stone Coating is a water-based, high performance, stone effect paint which has been specially developed for transforming the exterior elements of your home into beautiful stone effect features.

Suitable for application onto old, weathered and pre-painted surfaces including, stone, concrete and wooden windowsills, lintels, quoin stones, window frames, doors and door surrounds, mullions and architecural mouldings.

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Very hard wearing, breathable, weather resisitant and UV stable
  • Provides an authentic finish that really does look and feel like natural stone, at a fraction of the cost
  • Environmentally friendly - water based, low VOC.

The unique ground-stone formulation of Windowsill Stone Coating makes it ideal for both keeping the outside of your home looking neat and clean.


Further Information

Suitable Materials

  • Wood & Wood Finishes
  • Marble
  • Plaster
  • Masonry & Brickwork
  • Granite
  • MDF
  • Stone
  • Tiles
  • Resin
  • Concrete
  • Pre-Painted Surfaces


Drying Time: In normal drying conditions allow a minimum of hours drying time between coats. Drying time can be reduced by circulating warm air around the painted surface. Completely cured within 72 hours under normal conditions.
Composition: Water-based
Coverage: 1 litre will complete (with the recommended 3 coats) an area approximately 2.5 meters squared. Coverage can vary depending on the condition and porosity of the substrate.
VOC Content: Minimal VOC content. This product contains max 6g/l VOC.



Prepare all surfaces well. Ensure the surface is clean, sound and dry. Repair any damage with a suitable filler. Sane pre-painted and glossy surfaces. Apply at least one coat of Stonelux Primer & Undercoat.


Stir well before use. Apply using an economy natural bristled brush or a roller. Apply a MINIMUM of 3 even coats. Avoid overspreading. Leave 2-3 hours drying time between coats. Do not over brush/roll. If brush marks remain, finish with stippling before final coat dries.


Stir well before use. Apply 2-3 full and even coats to the surface. Wet film thickness should be between 300 and 500µm. Do not over coat on corners or joints. Allow 2-3 hours drying time between coats. Various psi settings can be used for a light or heavy finish (approx. 60psi for a medium textured finish). Nozzle size: 1.8-2.5mm (gravity fed gun) or 2-5mm (texture gun). Paint can be diluted using no more than 20% water.


  • Apply a minimum of 3 coats
  • Use an economy natural bristled brush
  • Drying time can be reduced by circulating warm air around the painted surface


Technical Data Sheet:

Material Safety Data Sheet:

Fireplace Stone Coating Product Leaflet:

Application Guide:


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